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Know your waste like no one else

We use cameras and Artificial Intelligence to track and characterise every single object that flows through material recovery facilities. Allowing us to create an end-to-end digital twin of the sorting process and provide real-time analytics.

PolyPerception Waste Management Dashboard

The PolyPerception Platform

Real-time Analytics

End-to-end flow monitoring and actionable insights are the core of our platform. We record, understand and present data so you can learn and act effectively.

Digital Twin

We provide a bird’s eye view of your sorting line. It enables you to look strategically at the current performance and simulate changes on a Digital Twin.

Self Learning

Our AI system adapts automatically to your specific sorting requirements and any variability in the input stream. There’s no need for a manual labelling process.

PolyPerception Analytics Dashboard

Make Every Object Count

We know what it is and where it is at all times. Enriched with surface area and estimate of its mass, we are able to provide you with the most complete picture yet.

Full traceability of your process

Higher Performance

Operators have access to real-time and historical performance data of each sorting step. They’re able to act quickly and think strategically for both short and long-term optimisation.

Better Commercials

Eliminating uncertainty and guess work with your input material and your output streams brings transparency and builds trust with your partners.

Adapt Quickly

Stay ahead of new regulation and audits by having full visibility of your performance and end-to-end traceability of waste at an object level.




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We want to empower decision makers across waste management with real-time data and valuable insights to make more impactful decisions, as we transition towards a circular future.


We're a dedicated team based in Antwerp, working towards a common goal. By using our AI skills we are helping decision makers and operators reach new levels of transparency, accountability and efficiency that hasn’t been previously possible.

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