Measure. Analyze. Optimize. Recycle.

Achieve high-quality recycling with AI-driven analysis of critical processes.

Create measurable impact

Improve your quality control

Reliable and real-time quality control at key points in the sorting process.

Optimize sorting efficiency

Streamline your processes and save costs by sorting materials more efficiently and accurately.

Make data-driven decisions

Rely on comprehensive data to improve your performance, communication and strategic decision-making.

Comply with food grade regulation

Meet regulatory food grade requirements by automatically detecting food and non-food in infeed material.

Evaluate suppliers’ material

Make accurate assessments of materials from suppliers and never overpay for infeed material.

Minimize contamination entering the washing line

Sort to your target quality by continuously monitoring key contaminants such as white opaque and full-sleeve bottles.

Our solution

How it works

We radically improve sorting efficiency through every step of our AI-powered waste flow monitoring.

Training our AI model

Our AI model learns to recognize waste like we humans do, just at a much faster speed.

Computer vision

We use similar vision-based technologies applied for self-driving, but in a different domain.

View performance on the dashboard

Easily track and analyze your waste management performance from the control room thanks to our fully customizable dashboard.

Take action

Make impactful decisions thanks to real-time data and insights.

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